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Poetry for the Thoughtful Young

Poetry is fun. Or it can be, ask anyone who ever read Shel Silverstein. This is a book of poetry made to read, have read to you, and most of all enjoy. You cannot go wrong with good poetry that is written, not to cast the author's angst upon our soul, but poetry written to make us laugh out loud, lean in a little closer to our loved ones, and share a little insight into the lighter side of life. Come along with us and enjoy the words of some of the world's great poets and hear what they have to tell you.
​Look for my poem, "Tale of the Town of Brigsby"

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Alternative Truths III: Endgame (Alternatives Book 4)

Endgame is the final installment of the Alternative Truths series. In it, you will discover stories of what might be, or not be, all envisioned as possible outcomes of the disastrous 2016 election. Stories of justice, redemption, failure, and laughter. How will this national nightmare of endless tweets and divisive policies, all bent on destroying the very fabric of our democracy, end? Will it find resolution under the rule of law, a flash of nuclear fire, or with the slow methodic collapse of democracy. I don’t know but some of the finest minds in science fiction have taken a crack at it and these are their stories, their visions, and their fears. Welcome to Alternative Truths, Endgame.

Look for my story, "Mr. President's No Good Lousy Day"
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Road to Chaos

Robert Thompson is a vain, egotistical actor bent on making his mark on Hollywood. On his way to an important audition that may make his career, he never makes it as someone crashes into him. The other car is totaled but his land yacht is barely dented. The looney other driver insists that they get in his car and drive away before the chaos mathamagic police find them. Robert scoffs. Magic is for rubes and what in this crazy man’s delusions does chaos or math have to do with it?

Robert clings to his beliefs until he finds out that the other driver is his long lost cousin, the magic police tries to kill them, and his cousin Eric teleports them to Tibet. Robert finds himself bounced around the globe on a mixed attempt to both evade the brutal mathamagic goon squad and clear Eric’s name, all the while hoping that he can return to his real life of movies.

Stephanie L. Weippert

Writer's Prayer 

Now I sit me down to write 

I pray good words will soon alight
That blank page always taunting me
I'll fill that sucker with story

Sweet Secrets

In my first book from TANSTAAFLPress.com, brand new step-dad Brad gets to watch his seven year old step-son Michael for the first time. They have fun playing video games until a package gets delivered by mistake. It's an order from a candy company meant for the neighbors.  As Brad goes looking for his neighbor's phone number, Michael decides he has to have some. Brad comes back into the kitchen just in time to watch Michael fade out of sight. 

Brad runs to the neighbor who ordered this stuff and pounds on the door demanding answers, because he has to get Michael back before his lovely bride comes home and finds her only child gone. 

More Alternative Truths: Stories From the Resistance     

More Alternative Truths is an exploration of the potential consequences of today’s politics in our daily lives. More than our individual lives, but our American identity. 

This exploration defines this anthology. So many of the stories ask what has America become? What will it be in the future? Will it devolve into a Russian style oligarchy, or will we rise to the challenge and use our hearts, our minds and our votes to return to a rational democracy, of, by, and for the people. No one knows for sure. But these top-tier talented authors from around the world, from Philip Brian Hall to Bruno Lombardi to Jane Yolen give us their visions.

My contribution is "A Letter from the Federal Women's Prison" 
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A colony will do anything to survive. 

​In this short story, Illuced Jones tells how her dreams of a new life in the first colony on the planet Mive become a nightmare when the planet's ecosystem threatens them with extinction.  Under pressure to survive, Illucid finds out the lengths her and her fellow colonists are willing to go. 

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Cat Food

Hunger woke him. With languid stretches, he left his sunbeam, but found two crunchies inside his dish. 

Grooming helped his thoughts. Round things sealed delectable food from teeth and claws, but a pantry door protected the crunchies; he could open that. 

Across carpet, then cold tile, quick paws opened the door. It closed behind him, but let in enough light. He popped the lid, and dropped inside. When satisfied, he leaped, but the lid fell and held him halfway over the edge, claws useless on plastic.

He yowled, stuck until humans returned, and vowed that any laughter,
​would be avenged. 

From the Anthology 100 Worlds found at: https://www.createspace.com/4492206